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Singapore Visa


With vibrant history and ethnically diverse regions, this country has amazing public places and family attractions and is one of the most comfortable countries to navigate.

Visa requirements

  • Passport Scanned Copy
  • ID card copy
  • 3 Passport size photographs
  • Company letterhead for visa request
  • National tax number (NTN)
  • Bank statement of last six months with an account maintaining certificate

Visa policy

Based on the purpose of travel, Singapore offers 3 types of visas:

  • Visit visa
  • Work visa
  • Permanent Residence visa
  • Study visa
  • Diplomatic visa

Visit Visa Fee

We bring you this stunning travel opportunity at exciting prices.

Enjoy this wonderful travelling experience at as low as Rs.9000 visa fee per person for 30 days.

This fee is inclusive of:

  • Tourist visa fee
  • Immigration fees
  • Visa service charges
  • All taxes


  • 30 Days stay in Singapore
  • 90 days Travel time

Visit Visa Terms & Condition

  • Visa fee once deposited will not be refunded, in case of rejection of visa application by Singapore authorities. Travel to Haramain is not responsible for any delay or visa rejection.
  • A passport valid for a minimum period of six months and a valid return ticket is required
  • Visa approval is subject to Immigration.
  • Visa regulations and costs may be changed by the Authorities.
  • Visitors must abide by the rules and regulations. Staying beyond the valid period of visa will result in fines and detentions.
  • The instructions provided by the Embassy may change without any prior notification as the Visa policy is regulated by the Vietnam Authorities.

Tourist Spots:

Clarke Quay

Situated on the riverside of Singapore River, this spot is famous for its hustle and bustle with its trendy restaurants, unique boutiques, pushcart vendors with a blend of Asian and European balances. A perfect riverbank of a metropolitan city! It will give you the experience of both nature with its flowing water, and the buzz of the modern world with its busy streets.

So, what are you waiting for?

Pack your bags and finalize your booking with Travel to Haramain Now!

Gardens by the Bay

Visit the beautiful Gardens by the Bay and embrace the radiating bliss of nature. This high tech structure is built to keep the people in touch with nature in their busy city lives. We ensure that you will be truly mesmerized by the myriad hues spread around you. So, if you are a nature lover, Gardens by the Bay will do justice to your cravings.

Orchard Road

This iconic street is the food and shopping hub of Singapore. From high craft boutiques to delicious food, this place is filled with wonders and brilliance of the modern world along with some touch ups from antiquity. This splendid blend of traditionalism and modernism will surely put your previously favorite markets to a shadow.

So, gear up to experience the most bustling Orchard Road!


Sentosa resort has indeed become a standard around the world. This amazing resort has three beaches under its belt. Filled with beauty, nature and adventure, this place has everything to offer for a perfect vacation. It is built to be a treat for people of all ages. Its casinos, bars, restaurants, adventure rides, snorkeling, water parks, cruise rides and magnificent beaches give its visitors a sempiternal experience of joy!

Cruises and boat rides

One of the best experiences in Singapore is to have a memorable view of the city on a cruise. What else could be better to witness the landmark buildings and views of the city with a soothing sound of water flowing underneath? This convenient yet fantastic way of exploring the city will become one of your best memories.

Enjoy this mind blowing experience with our travel facilities.

(Pulau Bin) the Granite Island

If you want to have a glimpse of a rustic life devoid of glamour and skyscrapers of Singapore, this is the place for you!

Enjoy the pleasures of rural life in the heart of nature. This island adorned by nature itself is an astounding muse to the creative souls. The fresh breeze of the island will surely leave you bewildered.

So, take a break from your hectic city life; and relax your nerves in this epitome of beauty!