The east coast of the UAE has the advantage of not only offering wreck dives but is also a haven for tropical fish lovers due to the warm currents of the Arabian Sea, the Gulf of Oman and the Indian Ocean. The diversity of the marine life, exotic fish and colorful corals make it a must for divers.

Visibility ranges from 3 to 20 meters depending on the currents.

The east coast offers deep dives for advanced divers only, as well as shallow dives for the less experienced.

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We’re aiming for our first leisure dive first week of October. And I am seriously considering bringing over my Underwater Photography rig as well.

Scuba diving and excitement go hand-in-hand in Dubai. Whether you are a professional PADI Diver or this is your first time, you can experience best wreck dive, fish feeding, most memorable wall dive or get the chance to capture the perfect shots of the underwater world with our certified PADI divers and instructors.

Have you ever tried scuba diving? The scuba equipment is a combination of following, a set of breathing apparatus, mask, wet suit, a pair of flippers and some additional features. These are a watch, diving knife, and some weights. These things allow a scuba diver to exist a certain amount of time underwater, performing a range of activities. As a beginner, you must go on some scuba diving courses and specific instruction, then buy or rent all necessary devices and equipment and you will be ready for your first ventures into the deep. Scuba diving is an unforgettable experience, the feeling can’t be explained once you have tried it, and you will want to practice it again and again.


Package includes

  • VIP Scuba Diving Tour.
  • Free Pickup and DropOff with a LUXURY Car.
  • Underwater Fish Feeding.
  • PADI Training.
  • Full Diving Equipment.
  • Scuba Diving With Instructor.
  • Free Drinks, Snacks, Towels & Slippers.