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1. Can I get a visa for umrah without taking accomodation service?

Ans. as per law of Saudi Arabia, it is essential for pilgrims to book accommodation through their agent beforehand.

2. Is there a guide available for Umrah?

Ans. A guide for Umrah can be arranged on demand

3. How many times can I go for Umrah in a year?

Ans. There is no limitation on the number of Umrah performed by one person in a year. You can have it as many times as you wish if you fulfill all the demands and essentials for the visa.

4. Can a lady travel for Umrah alone?

Ans. No, this is against Sharia as well as rules of Islam. A woman needs a mahram to travel.

5. Are there special services for disabled pilgrims?

Ans. We do not provide personal services to disabled people but they can arrange a helper for themselves during their visit.

Dubai Tour:

1. Do I need a visa to visit Dubai?

Ans. Well, that depends on your nationality. For some countries there is no requirement of a visa to travel to Dubai like Oman, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia and Bahrain. While US , UK and Australian nationality holders get a visa on reaching UAE. However, visa is mandatory for people from other countries.

2. Is it safe to visit Dubai?

Ans. Yes, it is absolutely safe, secure and full of excitement. Just follow the rules and regulations of the country and their will not be any hindrance in your plans.

3. Is there a discount for people travelling in a group?

Ans. Yes, Travel to Haramain gives discounts to people travelling in a group. Though the discount depends on the number of people on board.

4. Is alcohol consumption allowed in Dubai?

Ans. UAE has strict laws against alcohol consumption in public areas. However, it is allowed in bars, restaurants and private gatherings.

5. What is the currency of UAE?

Ans. The currency of UAE is AED (Dirham). Although, there are many money exchange counters in malls and banks, we recommend you to get your money exchanged at your home country before flying to Dubai.

Desert Safari::

1. What kind of clothes are recommended for desert safari?

Ans. The temperature in UAE could be extreme, so it is highly recommended to wear loose breathable clothes for your desert safari. Also open shoes are suggested.

2. What is Henna Tattoo?

Ans. Henna is a paste made from a natural herb called Lawsonia inermis. The paste is used to make beautiful patterns on hands, arms or feet by women. The colour stays up for two to three days and it has an amazing fragrance also.

3. What things should I bring with myself on my desert safari tour?

Ans. To get the best out of your Desert safari tour we suggest you to carry minimum and only essential stuff with you like sunblock, cellphone, wallet and camera.

4. What is sandboarding?

Ans. Sandboarding is often related to snowboarding which is an extreme sport and sandboarding is nothing like that. It is a fun sport for people of all ages.

5. Is it hot in the night also?

Ans. No, the temperature cools down at night in Dubai.