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4 Reasons Why Turkey is the Best for a Vacation!

Turkey: the country, apart from being blessed with breathtaking landscapes and glistening beaches, is also embellished with rich culture which connects the two continents that is Asia and Europe. It is a land of blue skies, intricate history, mind blowing architecture, friendly locals, and adventure.

To put it in a nutshell, we can safely say, Turkey is a magnificent fairytopia intricately built with culture, history and nature.

Indeed Turkey is ingrained with all the joy, adventure and beauty that one looks for in a perfect destination for vacation. Though the list is long, for you we have picked 4 major reasons which makes Turkey a must visit country.

Intricate History & Prolific Architecture:

As Turkey was ruled by Ottomans, Byzantines, Romans and others, they have all left their footprints in the form of their magnificent edifices across the country. These beautiful palaces, forts, mosques, cathedrals, churches and museums have made Turkey a crossroad where a number of civilizations and cultures meet. These amazing buildings will make you travel back in time and you will feel the history unravel in front of your eyes.

Be aware, the streets, the walls and the ruins of Turkey hit its spectators hard with a sense of nostalgia. Moreover, the soil and breeze of Turkey will surely make you feel like you too belong to this land of rich history.

So, if you are a history buff or the one who gets enchanted by astounding architecture, you must visit Turkey as soon as possible.


Scintillating Beaches:

Turkey is renowned for its scenic blue beaches with white glistening sand. Turkey has a long Mediterranean Sea coastline. Hence, it is no surprise that it has a number of breathtaking beaches. On top of that moderate climate of Turkey with their popular blue skies adds more beauty to the amazing view. You must give yourself a treat of relaxing on these peaceful beaches at least once in your lifetime.

So, do not miss the chance and allow these Mediterranean beaches to enchant your soul forever!


Grand Bazaar:

If you are a shopaholic but also wish to be a smart buyer, Grand Bazaar of Turkey is the right shopping market for you! This ancient market is centuries old and is adorned with all the souvenirs you normally find across Europe.


Explore the Mysticism:

The mysticism that oozed from the soil of Konya the city Turkey, gave meaning and purpose to the lost souls, it brought and still brings humans together. In the chaotic life that we have and the ragging conflicts between people of varying religions and culture, mysticism is a road that leads to the unity of all. It is built on the pillars of compassion, love and empathy.

The Sufi whirling which depicts the connection of the man with the skies and the soil is orchestrated in Konya for the believers and followers of Rumi.

You must enrich your soul with this sight because trust us, once you step on the soil of the Konya, you do not return the same.


Exquisite Food:

Turkey is a perfect amalgam of West and the East. On top of that its culture and cuisine has a huge impact from the number of invaders it had in the past. Hence, Turks are the finest when it comes to giving your taste buds the impeccable experience of the finest old and refined recipes.


Apart from these 4 reasons we handpicked for you, there are a myriad number of more also. So, do yourself a favor and experience the magnificence of Turkey yourself!