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The Exuberance of Dubai Desert Safari is for Everyone

In today’s age it is hard for a man to step out of his tedious routine and treat himself with some warm sun rays, thrill and peace that nature offers. Though, People do plan different vacations but often end up missing out on a few of their cravings because not all the destinations are equipped to provide it all in one package. BUT this one Desert Safari in the heart of Dubai desert has got it all to suffice your longing for nature, thrill, joy, adventure, sun and so much more!

What makes Desert Safari in Dubai so special is that it has something to offer everyone from all age groups.


So, here is a list of impeccable experiences and opportunities that this Desert Safari offers:

Thrill & Adventure:

The most prominent feature of Dubai Desert Safari is Dune Bashing and Quad Bike; and trust us, both rides are phenomenal in quenching the youngsters’ thirst for adventure. From a 4x4 drive through massive sand dunes to exploring the golden sand on a Quad Bike yourself, it is a sempiternal experience for thrill seekers.

For young kids or people who prefer something more easy yet thrilling, they can try sandboarding and camel riding. Sandboarding is completely safe and is true fun to do. While riding a camel, which is also known as the ship of the desert, has its own charm. In short, according to your capacity of taking risk or seeking thrill you can choose any of these options and enjoy the adventure in the middle of the desert like never before!



Well, some of us prefer to be clad in nature over the buzz and fun of metropolitan cities. Folks! It is no surprise that this Desert Safari in Dubai is embossed with some bewitching views of nature. From mesmerizing sunsets to scintillating sand under the sun or the cool evening breeze in the middle of the desert, this package is laden with breathtaking sights for nature lovers. Not to mention, the evening twilight makes the desert look like a land of magic and innumerable possibilities. No wonder, this desert is an afflatus to many poets and artists around the world.


History Buff:

You got it right!

Our Desert Safari package has a lot for history and tradition lovers too. At the end of this astounding Safari in the Desert, you are then taken to a Beduin Camp for an unforgettable night.

This camp with its traditional ambiance makes you travel back in time. The low tables with a lot of cushions, traditional music in the background gives you a glimpse of the exquisite culture and traditions of the Arab world. In addition to that cultural dance performances including belly dance and Tanoura dance become the sparkle of the night.

Also, women get a chance to get Henna tattoos. The beautiful pattern made from Henna on either hand, arm or feet lasts for two to three days before fading away. All these activities are put together to share the rich culture of Arab soil with the world.


A Perfect Date:

Yes you read it right, this Desert Safari tour is perfect for a memorable date you have been planning for so long!!

It is scientifically proven that thrilling and adventurous situations give couples an opportunity to connect on a much deeper level. So, our Dune Bashing and Quad Bike Services will help you achieve that. This activity promises laughter, adrenaline and joy; the three main ingredients to kick start a healthy relationship.

After an exciting day, you two will get a chance to sit on the top of a golden sand dune and witness the enchanting sunset together. The twilight on the unending horizon will put you two under a spell and the ecstasy of the moment will last for a lifetime.

Wait, your date does not end here, it just gets better!

A dinner in a Beduin Camp surrounded by sand under a starry night. Moreover, the traditional music in the background will say all the unsaid between you two. It is indeed a perfect package for couples.


So, what are you waiting for? Book yourself with Max Travel and embark on this Oneiric Journey now!