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Our Story

Our story starts way back in 2009, where I started my career in travel industry with leading Travel and Tour Company of Pakistan “Lala International Travel & Tour”.

I joined the travel field with the idea of making travels cozy, comfortable and the most enjoyable experience of travelers turned a stepping stone in my story. So  I decided to come into this industry with the aim of providing esteemed travel and tourism services  to the community and to provide my  customers not only with travelling facilities but to make their travel the most pleasurable experience of their lives.

I started to make a team of dedicated professionals who came up with incredible ideas and worked to introduce different models into the market for the facilitation of customers. The main focus was on the core values, prestige, integrity, commitment and consistency.

Inspired by the beauty of the planet, the people they had come across and their own travelling experiences around the globe, they set out on a mission to provide affordable flights and worldly adventures to a variety of travelers including students, young people and explorers.

We believe that new experiences through travelling bring knowledge, new connections, entertainment and exposure to new cultures. Our travel planning includes something for everyone and that is what we have strived for over these 10 years to meet the individual needs and tastes of our customers.

Today we have thousands of travelers around the globe; helping over 20 thousand travelers a year start their traveling.

CEO Message

Max Travel CEO Message

We want to assure you that with 'Max Travel' your trip will be the most pleasurable, comforting and enjoyable experience. With a genuinely talented group of people, great products and easily approachable service , you will find no tinge of difficulty or discomfort whether you are planning your next adventure or need help with an existing service.Our travel experts are just a call away. Send us an email or give our team a call to book your flights, plan your adventure or get your problem solved that you may encounter in your travel.

If you're in Pakistan or while you are travelling , you can contact our team and speak personally to them. Our assistance doesn't end when you take off either; our Global Travel Help team is on hand to assist with any issues you have after your journey begins.


Vision & Mission of Max Travel

To recognize the world, traveling is the best with “Max Travel”.


To struggle for utmost convenience of our customers and strive our best to bring optimistic change in peoples’ life through pleasurable travelling experiences.

Our Values in Action



  • Standing in eyes of the people 
  • Do what we do with dignity and respect
  • Winning our customers hearts


  • Dedication to customers
  • Set the example
  • Make our customers proud in choosing us.


  • Honest and truthful in what we say
  • We Deliver what we commit 
  • Be distinctly better


  • Maintaining  our values 
  • Yearning for customers' loyalty through persistent valued services
  • Sustainable quality

Mobility Consulting

We are very responsive to changes in the industry. We always find new opportunities in industry changes.


Over the past years there has been an immense evolution in the history of tourism and technology industries.

By the grace of Allah “Max Travel” has acted vigorously and is successful in a fruitful convergence of the two.


We always come up with newly and differently designed products for our customers to explore the world and its beauties.


We are very clear about what we commit and our actions clearly define our goals.

Ethics & Conduct

We hold a strong commitment to highest standards of ethics and good conduct and ensure that the same is displayed by everyone who is associated with “Max Travel”.

Our whole corporate direction including the duties carried out by our employees, suppliers and our partners are shaped by ethical standards.

Brand Promise



Speedy response

Easy on pocket

Our Clients

We offer services to a range of  customers including:

  • Direct customers
  • Corporate clients
  • Business to business